Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Trip To Pure Food, and an Easy Dinner Recipe

Last week, Philip and I ventured into NYC city for the day (about an hour's drive away) to wine and dine with friends in addition to attending a Krishna Das and Deva Premal concert. I've loved Deva's music for years! If you want something soft/ meditative/ yoga-ish, check it out! 

Our first stop was at Pure Food and Wine for a late lunch on their patio with Dhru and Ben. I'm a luck gal - I've had the fortune of eating at Pure a number of times now, but always in the cooler weather, so I haven't enjoyed the outdoor dining experience yet. It was a lovely, warm and sunny day so we were able to be out in light clothing.

Dhru and Ben

I ordered my favourite, the S and M salad. Heaps of greens, avocado, dulse, and chunks of rosemary quackers (which are sold in their store).

Philip had the Taco Salad - I had a bite and it was super delish. The sour cream is incredible!

Philip had the Classic Ice Cream Sundae for dessert - I've had it before and it's amazing! I opted for a half pint of Oreo Ice Cream with a cookie.

I grabbed a Chocci Caramel Bar from One Lucky Duck to bring to the concert for a little snacky!

It was a great trip to the city! I'm already looking forward to the next one... in a few weeks!

Now, how bout a quick and easy dinner recipe?! I made Mexi Fajitas last week - while I don't make these too often, I thoroughly enjoy them. It was Philip's first time trying the raw version, and while he liked the flavor, he wasn't keen on the dish - why? After "baking" in the dehydrator for a few hours, the veggies were too "cooked" for his liking (a flashback from childhood). The is ridiculously easy. It only requires a bowl (I like to toss the veggies with my hands for even coating). I don't measure... but if you want measurements and more recipes, check out this post on a raw mexican class I taught a while back. 
Veggies: Bell peppers, portobello mushies, zucchini, red onion - all thinly sliced. 
Marinade: Chili powder, cumin, garlic, tamari, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar, cayenne 

Gotta have guac and salsa with my fajitas! Seriously, this is the two second deal. Salsa: I diced up red and yellow tomatoes, added a pinch of salt, squirt of lemon juice, and fresh cilantro. Eeasy Guacamole: Mashed avocado with a squirt of lemon (prevents it from turning brown)... ummm yeah, that's it!

Dessert? I made my Strawberry Lime Mousse Cake (sans the crust) in a cute little heart shaped spring form pans! Topped with strawberry/cherry puree and freeze dried strawberries.

Keeping on a sweet note, Sarah made a moonie a few days ago! Check it out. I think it's super cute!

Lori made a Basil Vanilla Filled Fig Moonie Pie - yowsa! It's the most beautiful soft green colour.

Have a great week!


Sarah said...

Thanks for linking me! Looks like you had fun at PF&W. I would love to go there someday. The fajitas look amazing to me, I will try those soon. The picture of you and Philip is cute, how lucky you two are to have found someone who shares their passion for a healthy raw lifestyle, I hope I am as lucky someday. :)

VeggieGirl said...

The S&M salad and Classic sundae are among my favorites at Pure. Can't wait to dine there with you!! :)

April said...

The fajitas look amazing! I have to try this very soon! Wish I could have gone to pf and wine with ya'll!

bitt of raw said...

what, no moon pie this time? are you all mooned out?

i think your fajitas look scrumptious!

since you have Dhru's ear, I am working on getting him to give me a spot on Masala. Do you think I am worthy?

Lauren said...

Yum! I love the S&M salad!! Mmm, and the caramel bar reminds me of a Twix only better! :) Love that recipe too, I am a big fan of Mexican food! Fajitas..mmm!

Nelly said...

oh that caramel choccie bar looks divine...i might even get to try it out soon!!! yummers!

i love mexican...and the fajita recipe looks easy enough for me to try!! thanks heathy!!!

shannonmarie said...

I love that salad, too, although I've only made it at home. One day I'll get there.

Heather Pace said...

Sarah - You would looove Pure Food! T
hanks for the sweet comment about Philip and I - I am blessed to have found him. Since i was a teenager, I set my intention to be with a health conscious/spiritual man - the universe provided! :)

Veggie - I am so excited to meet up with you!!

April - one day we'll dine together!

Bitt - haha, Im NEVER all mooned out, in fact I made another batch a few days ago - new flavor.

I think everyone is worthy! I emailed Dhru for you.

Lauren - Oh yeah! a twix, you're so right!

Nelly - "easy enough for me to try" - silly, you have made skills! These are prob too easy for you... but give em a try anyway doll ;)

Shannon - girlie, it's time for you to eat at Pure! Even for lunch? You can bring the kids along! :)

kelli said...

yum yum YUM! i think i need to take a trip to NYC very soon!

i finally tried your basic dark chocolate recipe and omg heathy, it is PERFECT! i used your chocolate and averie's nut butter filled caramal bites to make what i've named "yoga cups". you can check them out here:


ShortyAsh said...

Your next contest is for ice cream!! Did I guess right?

Sarah said...

I made the fajitas yesterday and they were so easy and so good. Thanks! Linking your recipe on my blog today.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Sarah said...

You know, I have not tried parsnip rice yet, but I will next time, if it is sweet I am all over it. :)

mel said...

Heather, I am so lucky to have found your blog! I have always eaten pretty well, I buy local and organic as often as possible and stay away from meats, but until I stumbled upon your blog I wasn't aware of the raw food community. I have a green monster every morning now! In a few more months I will be graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, and I am thrilled to start looking into raw food restaurants. Your blog has been such an inspiration, I have tried many of your recipes and will continue to incorporate raw foods into my diet. Thanks for blogging!

shannonmarie said...

If only it was closer.

Linda said...

I am entering to win the extra Moonie pies! They look divine and I would love,love,love to try them.
I am on a very tight budget with my husband having been laid off since Oct. I squeaked out purchasing the ebook but just couldn't swing buying the ingredients at this time.
Please choose me as I have no other means right now to try them!
Love your recipes!