Friday, April 30, 2010

Sweet Tooth: Chocolate Chia Pudding

Happy Happy Joy Joy! It's the weekend! What have you got planned? The weather is going to be summery around here, so tomorrow we're heading to Westport, CT for a day of shopping, hitting up the Whole Foods, and enjoying a picnic in the sun!

I've got some choccie and a bit of vanilla for you this weekend. Both goodies are easy, light, yet packed with nutritious ingredients that will keep you going for ages.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! I love chia for its versatility (it's non-taste allows for sweet and savory uses), and high nutrient profile. This power seed was originally consumed by Aztec warriors, who used it as their fuel source for long expeditions. They had the right idea! Chia sure keeps me going for hours too.

Here are a few facts about the wonder seed. Chia is:

-Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids
-A complete source of dietary protein, providing all essential amino acids.
-High in calcium, enzymes, and minerals.  
-Absorbs more than 9 times its volume in water, which means that a small amount keeps a person feeling full and satisfied for a long time. 
-Super high fiber content acts as an intestinal broom (you know what that means! wink wink;)
-Easily digested and absorbed for energy.
-Contains no taste = it takes on any flavors that are added to it. 
-Doesn't go rancid and can easily be stored. 

Chocolate Chia Pudding
This pudding is chocolatey, thick, delicious... and has a nice frostiness from the ice! I like to top it (and most of my puddings) with cacao nibs and coconut flakes.

2 tablespoons chia seed
1 cup water
1 cup ice cubes
2- 3 tablespoons cacao powder
1 1/2 tablespoon lucuma powder
1 teaspoon mesquite powder
Vanilla Stevia (or other sweetener), to taste

Shake the chia and water together in a glass jar or plastic container, and then set aside for at least 30 minutes, allowing the chia to swell. 
Blend all ingredients together until smooth and creamy. 

Tip: Let the chia soak in the water overnight and then whip it up in a jiffy for breakfast!

Vanilla Nut Smoothie
Oldie recipe from April 2008! This is an insanely yummy drink! 

1 cup young coconut water
1/2 cup packed young coconut pulp
1/3 cup macadamia nuts
1/2-3/4 cup ice
1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/4 tsp lucuma powder
1/8 tsp mesquite powder
Vanilla stevia, to taste
(or other sweetener)

Blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy.

A quick reminder about The Ultimate Ice Cream Cake Challenge ! I had so much fun making my 2 cakes - I hope you're creating an amazing cake  of your own for the contest!!! Remember, I have a free book giveaway for the first cake entry... one of Philip's ebooks, of your choice.

Have a great weekend. I hope it's bright and sunny in your town!


VeggieGirl said...

As much as I try, I just cannot get into chia seeds. Shall I try again? :-D

Annie D. said...

THANK YOU! I'm trying this tonight!

Nelly said...

i need to find some mesquite...

i replace all flax with chia...because flax and i, we're not very good friends...haha!

have a super duper weekend girl...have so much fin on your adventures...johnny's doing a course all weekend, so it's me and jackson...and the apparently beautiful weather we're suppose to have too!

can't wait for your choccie and vanilla recipes!


Christine said...

will make the pudding this weekend, but what is young c-nut pulp, i do see 'young' c-nuts in the store, so do i attack with a hammer and is the pulp inside to be scraped out and whizzed in the processor? i did just buy your book and will be trying out the easier rece's, have a 3rd stack of philip's macaroons in the freezer, and i've make the chia porridge several times, no sweetner just blueberries or banan's

Gilian (Mostly Raw Mama) said...

Mmmm...I love my chia! I don't know why I never thought to blend it up??!! That sounds deelish! Thank you! Have a great weekend! I will be busy mapping out my ice cream cake recipe and hopefully giving it a go!

Kelly Parr said...

Going to try "chocolate Ch-ch-chia Puddin NOW!

Melissa said...

I love chia seeds. I don't even mind when they get wedged in my! Thank you for sharing your recipes..they both sound soo good!
Have a wonderful weekend shopping and picnicing!

Lauren said...

That vanilla smoothie looks perfect! :) I've never made chia pudding, I feel like I am the only person in the world who hasn't. I just don't know about the texture! :)

caroline said...

OMG! I'm so happy that you suggested blending - why didn't i think of that? The first time I made chia pudding(someone else's recipe) my husband got freaked out by the texture. I won't say what it reminded him I don't want to put anyone off of how awesome it is.

I'm definitely making this one tonight!!

Heather Pace said...

Hehehe... yes for those of you who can't get into the "tapioca/fish egg (as my dad calls it) texture - blending it is perfect = creamy pudding!


kelli said...

such pretty photos!

Fran said...

Thanks Heather for adding some desserts with Stevia as the sweetener! I don't love it, but I'm learning to. I'm giving up sugar for 3 months so some raw goodness without "normal sugars" are exactly what I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

Pure2Raw Twins said...

chocolate and chia two of our favorite ingredients! pudding looks delicious :)

Laurel Alanna McBrine said...

These both look delish! I was wondering - can you substitute anything else for the mesquite? Does it act as a sweetener or add flavor? Just wondering what purpose it serves in the recipe, as I haven't used it before.

I am sorry I haven't been able to participate in the challenges - I have been kicked out of my kitchen for the past two weeks and the foreseeable future as our house is on the market and we have to keep it looking like a show home at all times. The good news is we took off for a week (I attended an art conference near Washington D.C. and then we went to NYC for a few days) and I visited Pure Food and Wine - check out my review if you like!

I can hardly wait to try the pudding and shake, whenever I get my kitchen back!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

oh great work on these, heather! hope you have a super weekend :)

Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day (or less!) said...

I HAVE to get some chia seeds ... that looks amazing, like chocolate soup!

Berry Bliss said...

Ch-ch-ch-Chia! You must have read my mind! I was just getting ready to do a blog about chia pudding! haha! I will wait for a later date now!
Hope you are having a wonderful spring! :)

Mimi said...

This looks so good! I've just started to play with Chia seeds, and always looking for some good recipes!

Casi Leigh said...

Yay! I would love to see more blended chia recipes, you were right on the money. It WAS the odd texture I didn't care for--I devoured a whole bowl of this pudding for breakfast a few days ago! Thanks!!

She's in the kitchen! said...

My daughter just sent me over here to check out your chia recipes...look yummy!

As for eliminating that "seedy" texture in recipes, I always whiz up my chia in a little electric coffee mill, just like my other nuts and seeds. It makes things smoother and easier to blend, especially if the blender isn't the greatest!

Can't wait to check out all your recipes...thanks!