Friday, January 15, 2010

Sipping on Soup n' Pudding

Time for something savory. Raw soup makes the perfect light meal - mostly water, full of nutrients, and low in calories, yet filling. Here are a few yummy ones I've enjoyed lately.

Green Herb Soup

1 cup spinach
1 large stalk celery
1 handful fresh cilantro
1 handful fresh parsley
1 handful fresh dill
1-2 tsp apple cider vinegar
1/4 avocado
1/2 clove garlic
Pinch cayenne
Salt, to taste
Hot water

Blend all ingredients until smooth. Adjust seasonings. I usually omit the salt and rip nori into my soups.

Tomato Basil Soup

1 large tomato
1/2 red bell pepper
1/4 avocado
2 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1/2 clove garlic
1/4 tsp paprika
Himalayan salt, to taste
Handful fresh basil
Hot water

Blend all but the basil, until smooth and cr
eamy, starting with a bit of water and adding enough to achieve desired consistency. Pulse in the basil. Serve.

Keeping in the savory realm for another second, I'm excited to report that two of my recipes have made it onto the Crazy Sexy Life website this week, Here and Here! If you haven't already checked out their site, it's full of inspiration and great ideas!

I've been enjoying lots of puddings/ice cream lately too!

Rewinding a bit, I made this Chaga Superfood Ice Cream before Christmas. It's fun to eat medicinal treats like this!

1 3/4 cup chilled chaga tea
2 cups cashews
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup vanilla liquid
1 tablespoon hemp seed
1 tablespoon lucuma
2 teaspoons maca
1 teaspoon mesquite
1/8 teaspoon sea salt

Blend all ingredients until smooth. Chill.
Process through an ice cream maker.
Stir in mulberries/goji berries.

Banana Superfood Pudding

This soft treat was supposed to be ice cream, but it didn't have the proper time to re-freeze before we wanted to dive in.
It's a delicious blend of: frozen bananas, cashews, vanilla bean, lucuma, maca, and mesquite... sprinkled with cacao nibs, sprouted, dehydrated buckwheat and pecans.

Goji Chia Pudding

Here's a yummy chia pudding that Adam whipped up last week.
It's a combo of chia seed and goji berries soaked in water. Half of the mixture was then blended (giving it the orange colour) and combined with the addition of maple syrup, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, and more goji berries.

More blends coming up soon - as a matter of fact, I'll be teaching a class tomorrow on easy blender recipes.

Have a great weekend!


Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

Congrats on seeing your recipes on CrazySexyLife! Fun!

The soups and desserts here look so yummy. I'm adding them to my "to try" list. =) Thank you for sharing your recipes.

HippieMom said...

I am a soup fanatic;-] My fave meal for breakfast or snack!
Thank's for sharing.

bitt said...

congrats on the crazy sexy recipes.

i'm still a bit gunshy of raw soup. dunno why, maybe because i loved cooked soups so much. i might try the tomato one though.

you are reminding me i need to soak some gojis for my smoothie tomorrow. great pudding idea!

Pam said...

Yumm! Yumm! and have fun in your class!


kelli said...

everything looks amazing! you are one talented chica!

Nikki said...

mmmm... beautiful and looks delicious!

The Voracious Vegan said...

I've so been in the mood for some raw soup lately, thanks for giving me another push in the raw direction! Your meals look lovely, especially all the pudding - so beautiful!

Tess said...

Looks fantastic! Do you heat your soup before eating it? If so, what do you use?

Lauren said...

Delicious!! Love that raw pudding! Mmm! :)

Congrats on your recipes, thanks for sharing them with us! :)

Melissa said...

I saw your recipes on CSL, YUM and congrats! I really like the look of the tomato soup. I'm definitly going to give it a try! Thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

Mmmmm, my list of recipes to try is growing! Thanks, these look amazing.

Joanna Steven said...

Looks delicious! Now I'm craving chia pudding :)

Raw Goddess said...

Thanks guys! Yup, raw soup is a staple in my diet - I prefer them warm, so I use hot water when blending.

barefoot_and_frolicking said...

so yummy - can't wait to try some of these recipes :-)

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Congrats on the CSL recipes! I had one make it over there a week or so ago...exciting stuff!

Retreats! Would love to talk to you more about yours...just brainstorming, talking, sharing, etc. as you said we're not "competition" for each other as your a North Pole girl and I'm the South Pole :)


HiHoRosie said...

I've been seeing tomato soup on my blog hopping lately - yours looks so good!!

Congrats on getting your recipes on CrazySexyLife!

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

Yum! These all look delicious!

I just found your blog, and I'm excited to keep reading! I'd love to incorporate more raw foods into my life...

evergreen said...

I can't decide which of these awesome recipes to try first:) Thanks so much for sharing, and congrats on being posted on CSL!

Sheri (Green and Crunchy) said...

Saw you on Crazy Sexy...congrats!

I've been a lurker forever and have made many Heathy-inspired desserts in my kitchie...time to de-lurk and say hi!

Your soups are gorgeous...that green soup is absolutely beautiful! And your puddings look scrumptious :)

Heathy, I may have missed this info when browsing your you have an uncookbook or ebook?

Sheri (Green and Crunchy) said...

Never mind....just noticed your Just Desserts ebook on the sidebar :)

debbiedoesraw said...

oh my have to try that goji chia pudding asap!!!!!
Thanks Heathy, you always inspire me and make me drool!

Tabitha said...

Hi Heather!

My mom and I LOVED the fasting and raw food classes!! So glad we finally made it to one! We had delicious green smoothies for breakfast yesterday (my dad was amazed that spinach could taste that good!) Later I made your chocolate coconut tarte with a pecan, coconut crust which was amazing!!!

Thanks for all the inspiration and awesome recipes!

=) Tabitha

Raw Oz Gal said...

Thanks for the soup recipes - I especially like the ones without too much fat! Will be trying these this week!

Selena's Raw Kitchen of Love: "The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison." --Dr. Ann Wigmore, N.D said...

Chia Energy Porridge is on my list this week. Your blog is fantastic!!! I look forward to visiting your blog and learning something new every day. Nutrition has always been a big part of my life. Now to keep my engery up at age 53 for running half marathons. I love raw foods and had no problem going raw in chilly Canada. I spend one month out of the year in sunny places..natural Vitamin D.:)

Brightest Blessings, Sweet Selena