Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

It's official - I think Spring is finally here in my northern community where winter visits for seven months every year. During the long weekend we had temperatures up to 12C (54F)! You don't even know how great that feels after lows of -40C (also -40F) just a few months ago.

My hunny and I celebrated part of the Easter holiday with a short trip out to his camp (a cabin in the bush which is only accessible by lake) via snowmobile. It'll probably be the last time this season to drive the ski-doo on the ice - we'll be boating again before we know it, yippeee! We took a snowshoe trek through the forest and saw 2 bald eagles, enjoyed the sauna, walked on the lake (ice) in the sun and got so warm that we were down to our tee shirts! Since there is no running water out there, I prepared most of our food ahead of time - curried carrot nut pate, nori sheets, and sliced veggies for nori rolls, caesar dressing and salad items, cooked yams, and of course, raw chocolate!

On Sunday evening we had a quiet Easter dinner at home. I was in the mood for a Springy dessert so chose to make none other than my strawberry lime mousse cake, but with a slight twist. As you probably already know, this is my all time favourite cake - YES, even above a chocolate one!! Since I didn't have limes and the grocery store was closed, I decided to replace them with lemon. I didn't want toooo much lemon though, so I cut down on the zest a bit. Keeping in theme with the addition of a new flavour and to jazz things up a bit, I used segmented orange, and smashed strawberries for the topping. Normally I go with strawberry sauce, or fresh strawberries (or both), but quite enjoyed something different this time. Booyah, a new winner. If you've already tried the cake, give the lemon version a try...or even orange! I'm thinking about trying that next time. The rest of dinner was simple yet yummy - salad with tomato dressing, and sunflower seed/veggie pate with mixed crackers.

Speaking of cakes, I recently made this birthday cake for a friend. It's the tropical cake from Just Desserts, on a coconut nut crust with black berries, kiwi, and mango on top. It's another light, fruity cake - perfect for spring.

What yummies did you have for Easter? Hopefully you had a great weekend too, and it's warm wherever you are!