Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun In Vancouver Land

You know I love to travel!!! I just got back from the most fabulous trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. I went to visit friends and family, but most importantly, discover any potential for moving there this Fall...

Vancouver is a beautiful West Coast city, surrounded by mountains, boasting Canada's most temperate climate. It was much warmer than home, so I took in my fair share of walks on the beach, and as an added bonus it was sunny for my whole trip! I stayed with my close friend, Netty, who showed me all around town and brought me to some great restaurants - we had such a ball together! I also took Bikram yoga classes every morning - a perfect way to start each day before heading down Robson for an afternoon of shopping, or meeting up with hometown friends for lunch. Oh, and I consumed plenty of champagne mangoes - which I love but can't buy where I currently live. Yum yum!

One afternoon, lunch with a long time friend (since we were 7!!!) turned into making plans for me to make raw dinner for her and her husband that evening. AH! How exciting - I find it hard to stay out of the kitchen while I'm on vacation - I tell ya, I always find a way in! :) After a trip to Whole Foods (one of the few in Canada) I had fun showing them how to make almond ginger nori rolls, which we had with salad, and for dessert, Strawberry Chocolate Parfaits: Puddings layered with fresh strawberries - simple, yet delish and I think something like this is good for anyone who is new to raw recipes.
Strawberry Pudding
lemon juice

Cacao Pudding
cacao powder

Coconut Whipped Cream

young coconut flesh
part of the coconut water
lemon juice

Served in wine glasses, of course! It was a fabulous time!

It was nice to visit and catch up with relatives who I don't see very often. My Aunt and I enjoyed an afternoon stroll in Stanley Park before enjoying a sunset dinner, and on another day I travelled via the train, to my Aunt/Uncle/cousins' house just outside the city.

To boot, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom! Was I fortunate or what? I think they're absolutely beautiful!

Netty brought me to a restaurant I've been wanting to check out for a while - Radha Eatery, opened by the Yasodhara Ashram near Nelson, features a vegan restaurant with a seasonal menu, yoga studio, and food classes. I have been going to the Ashram with my mom since I was a little girl, and was there while plans for this restaurant were being made, about seven years ago. We skipped the main course and split this raw chocolate mousse pie.

Ah, such great times...too bad it had to come to an end....BUT, I will be returning to the coast in the September to live and work! Yipee, I am so excited!


Lau-raw said...

wow!! You are so lucky! I love Vancouver and one of my dreams is to live there someday.

I'm from Mexico and I have been following your blog for a while. I love it!

Thanks for sharing your amazing recipes! I have your e-book and your mago cake is a WINNER! My family love it too and they ask me all the time to make more to impress their friends! I'm planning to make some to celebrate the end of my course in Environment and Sustainable Development, so my students can taste something REALLY YUMMY, that has NO animal products at all! How a wonderful way to intruduce them to a more sustainable way of life!

Congratulations for your new life in Vancouver and thanks again.

Mango hugs!

Lau-raw ;)

Raw Goddess said...

Hi Lau-raw!
Thanks for leaving such a nice message! Nice to meet you.
I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying the mango cake - have you tried any of the other recipes yet? Definately try the strawberry lime cake!!! :)
Sounds like an amazing program you're in - what will you do when you're finished?
Take care!

Casey Lorraine Thomas said...

Ooooh lovely! I have been wanting to go to Vancouver Island for a LONG time. May find myself living there at one stage.

Happy weekend :)


Nicole said...

Awww, how great, it looks like you had an awesome time! I have always wanted to visit Vancouver, it looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

Eric said...

If you are ever in NY and feel the need to end up in a kitchen mine is available and well stocked with raw ingredients :-)

If my childhood friends would make me raw desserts I'd find excuses to have them over every day.

Gena said...

What a great trip!!

Dr.Rutledge said...

Hi Raw Goddess,

Those parfaits look so good. Thanks for sharing the post and pictures.

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Anonymous said...


Sorry to be off topic but I noticed on your Flickr pictures that you made Raw Asian and Raw Greek pockets, which look amazing! Is there any chance that you could share the recipes for these.


Raw Goddess said...

Nicole - Vancouver is gorgeous! :) I highly recommend!

Eric - thanks for the invite! NYC is one of the next places on my list!

Geoff - how exciting!! Would love to be a part of that!

Anonymous - yes, there are recipes for those pockets - in Carmella's The Best of RFC book, I believe. You can find that via Raw Freedom Community. They are seriously yummalicious!

HiHoRosie said...

Hey pretty lady! How are you?!

YOu know if you make the move to Vancouver we'll have to visit you or you come visit us...only 3 hour drive. :)

Your dishes as always are drool-worthy and you're looking fab too!

caroline said...

love the pictures and also your commitment to the most peaceful and most fun way to live! I love raw!