Tuesday, October 23, 2007

World of Cakes!

I have a real sweet tooth, and am passionate about creating desserts that not only taste great but look amazing too. When I see a piece of fruit, or other ingredient, my mind immediately goes in a million directions, coming up with the perfect dessert to feature that particular food. I’m not even sure how or why. It just IS this way. Like my psychic said last week when I had a reading “You see food differently than most people. When you see a strawberry, you can see it, taste it, and then passionately think up many new ways to use it.” Very accurate.

That brings me to the point of this particular post. The other day I was sorting through old pictures on my computer, and came across some of the cakes I’ve created in the past. So before deleting them, I figured I’d post on here even though they are not raw.

I call this first one my Pink Spring Cake...I just love the softness of the pastels.

Here I am making the cake...ah yes, back in my old college days. Such fun times!

I call this Double Chocolate Decadence Cake that I made for a friend's birthday. She is a chocolate lover so this cake has it all. Layers of dense chocolate cake and whipped chocolate cream, all topped with rich chocolate ganache...yup, chocolate lover's dream! I then garnished it with sugar work. I made caramel and spun it into these twisties. When a friend of mine saw this cake, he thought I plunked a piece of plastic on top! "I'd never top a cake with plastic!" I practically shouted at him. LOL

My Fresh Flower Cake, that I made one summer when our pansies were out. In between layers of white sponge cake is vanilla cream, with blueberries on the top layer and strawberries on the bottom. Vanilla cream spread around the entire cake and pansy petals to garnish. Very feminie I think ;) Perfect for a summer's day...and yes I am going to make a raw version next summer.

A few summers ago I got a totally random call to replicate a Chocolate Wedding Cake for a couple who got married in Hawaii - only they wanted it done on a much smaller scale. It's a three layer cake but I dont even remember what is spread on each layer. The topping is a thick chocolate buttercream, topped with a ring of crushed pistachios. Around the sides is sugar work...and oh boy oh boy, that sugar was so fragile! Garnished with fresh flowers and strawberries. I'm happy to say that it tuned out exactly like the picture they gave me to work with.

Dinosaur Volcano Cake - I made this cake for a friend's son who absolutely loves dinosaurs and had just visited an active volcano. A child's cake is my exception to "never putting plastic on a cake". The cake IS raw - made with walnuts, pecans, dates, cacao, and vanilla...but the frosting is that yucky sugar and butter stuff...with a ton of food colouring to achieve such vibrant colours. I had a heck of a time getting the near black shade for the volcano, lol. It was really fun to make though, and I think everyone at the party got a kick out of it.

These days, I make raw cakes and have just as much fun - actually MORE fun creating them. It gets my creativity going so much! That being said, I want to end this post with a raw creation, since afterall, this is supposed to be a raw food blog right?! This is a chocolate and vanilla Birthday Cake with Strawberry Frosting. Garnished with cacao nibs and dried wild rose petals. I made this for my friend's Birthday last summer. It was her first time trying a raw dessert and she loved it. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Stunning, I aspire to create something like this!