Saturday, September 29, 2007

Scrumptious Smoothies!

The other day, I made such a yummy fruit smoothie and decided that it would look nice photographed in the fallen leaves....well that got me thinking about how much I love smoothies and how awesome they are. I eat one every day, usually for breaky - or after my veggie juice... sometimes as an afternoon snack...for dinner...or an evening snack. It all depends, but I always get a smoothie in! The best thing is the speed and ease at which they can be made. Throw some ingredients, without measuring, into a blender and whiz together until smooth. Voila! A meal in under five minutes!

I admit that I prefer the "sweet" smoothies, but being aware of the importance of getting my greens (like a good girl) I usually have a smoothie consisting of: water, spinach or romaine, frozen wild blueberries, goji berries, msm, bee pollen, cacao beans, and sometimes maca and ginger. No one else I know will drink this because they think its disgusting, but I find it to have quite a neutral and pleasant flavour as long as I add enough water. I won't bother posting a pic either, because doesnt look very pretty!

So here are a few of the "fun", and healthy smoothies I've created.

Berry Licious Smoothie


frozen mango

frozen strawberries


goji berries


This is frosty and sweet! I drizzled strawberry lime sauce inside the glass for a nice effect. Mmm!

*Orange juice would be a nice replacement for the water if you want a sweeter drink.

Here is what my dear friend Carmella said about this smoothie after I posted it on her forum, Raw Freedom Community:

"I'm sipping on this right now and oh my! I used a mixture of frozen mango and papaya and added a banana to sweeten it a little. Oh, and the juice of one lime, as I didn't have no fancy strawberry-lime sauce. Sooooooo yummy! A nice change from our usual green smoothies. "

Now, living in the great north, we have an abundance of wild blueberries growing every summer, pretty much in the back yard. So we pick gallons upon gallons to freeze for use all winter. Its pretty awesome!

Here's my Dark Blue Smoothie

with no measurements...


wild blueberries


bit of apple


cacao beans

hemp seeds

squirt agave

I made this delightful Paw-Paw Smoothie at Blythe's, in Australia after we bought a bunch of paw paws (much like papaya). Unfortunately we used coconuts that were past their date, and felt sick the next day...but at the time this smoothie tasted great and we didn't notice that anything was wrong! Oops! Note to self: use a FRESH coconut next time ;)

paw paw or papaya
fresh orange juice
young coconut water
young coconut pulp

I called this one, Pretty In Pink Smoothie, hehe.
I think its adorable – well mostly because I love the colour. Plus its extra creamy from the coconut!

Water of 1 young coconut

Pulp of ½ the coconut (my pulp was firm)

Few large strawberries

1 cup diced papaya

Sprinkle of bee pollen on top (optional)

Next up is Ginger's Best Iced Coffee Ever, and while I've never in my life been a coffee drinker, I love love love this drink!!!! It is a divine creation! I make it without the yacon and fo-ti, and it still turns out amazingly!

a scoop of cacao powder

add a few capsules of Fo-Ti, minus the capsules!

a scoop of maca

tbsp of lucuma

a squirt of yacon

a squirt of agave

1/4 inch vanilla bean

dash of nutmeg

handful of cashews

cup of ice

cup or so of water

Chocolate sauce for lining the glass and topping the drink:cacao and a capsule of ho shou wu & a dash of sea salt mixed with agave.

One day in the summer when I had heaps of fresh rasberries, I came up with this, Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie.

lots of icewater



cacao powder



msm (optional)

vanilla bean

The other day I made this Bubble Gum Swirly smoothie and I wish I had written down an actual recipe because it was wonderful.

First, I blended:

young coconut water

young coconut pulp

frozen mango

frozen banana

I then added frozen strawberries to half of that mix, and swirled it into the first part.

This Raspberry Nectarine Smoothie is so simple, yet yummy and frosty during a hot afternoon.

A combo of:

fresh rasperries

This Tropical Treat Smoothie, was my attempt to bring summer back even though fall has definately come for a visit.

Young coconut water

Fresh pineapple

Frozen mango

Bit of frozen banana

Frosty Cinnamon Shake- creamy and satisfying! This is the easiest thing to throw together.

Frozen bananas




So what wraps up the smoothies for now...with more to come on an ongoing basis! Here are many more fabulous smoothie recipes !


RawVeganMom said...

Wow!! I want to try some of these! Gorgeous blog!!

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I am going to try some of these with a scoop of shakeology